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Helen Muhaw



My Story

I have been with Scentsy now for 13 years. I was introduced to Scentsy in March of 2009. My husband and I use to go to Amish Country three or four times a year to pick up candles, but, the scent never lasted long. Scentsy is in their 18th year now. Scentsy is safe for kids and pets since the wax is no warmer than 1 degree of our body temperature. If you love candles you will love Scentsy. No Lead, No Fire, No Smoke, No Worry! If you are looking for something to do for extra money or a meaningful income, please check out Scentsy and Join my team, I will be very happy to give you more information!
I have earned FREE all-inclusive trips....Disney, PuntaCana, Hawaii, Bahama, a Caribbean Cruise, Marco Island, Bermuda, Mediterranean cruise! I never, ever dreamed this could happen to me. I want to help anyone who does not believe they can do it and would love to show you, you can.
Contact me anytime for information.
Thank you for visiting my website!
Love, Helen

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